• Adventskalender TOR 1

    29 November 2013 News 102
    Mach mit und beantworte folgende Fage:XYZHeute zu Gewinnen: XZY
  • Enduro World Series

    29 October 2013 News 246
    Enduro World Series The World Enduro Series is running. It's crazy how much it changed the feeling of this type of racing. Before it was also a lot of fun, now it's very serious racing. For myself I try to still have fun on the bike. So far i'm happy with the…
  • Trans Savoie

    28 September 2013 News 158
    8 Racedays in a row: Trans Savoie und EWS Val D'Isere My favorite race of the year 2013 is the Trans-Savoie in the French Alps. With 69 other riders we started in Val d'Isère for this epic adventure enduro race. Over six days of racing we climbed 5000 meters…
  • #notbad

    02 August 2013 News 181
    30 days in New Zealand. . . #notbad The result of 30 days of bicycle tomfoolery in New Zealand with the Trek C3 team is the new Anthill film #notbad. On Monday, 29 July 2013 broadcasted Anthill Fims a free online-premiere. Now the film is available for…
  • Dakine Trailfox 2013

    09 June 2013 News 262
    Wildi's Foxes Coming weekend it is time for the 11th Dakine Trailfox in Flims. This bike rally has an unique atmosphere with three races on three days with one bike. I won this race overall six times. This year I do not participate as a competitor – with my…
  • Red Bull SKiLLS

    29 March 2013 News 302
    Searching the Champ of the slopes At the Red Bull Skills event, a mix of Super G, Slalom, Downhill and Giant Slalom, I go the possibility to ski the first time in my life on a real Nordica race ski and in a race suite. It was great to get in touch with the…
  • Greenhouse

    12 January 2013 News 349
    Pumptrack Race The Greenhouse Pumptrack Race Event in Ostermundigen bei Bern was great. Compare to 2012 the track was three times longer but also in a good shape. At one spot of the track the organizer and builder dug such a big hole in the ground that it…
  • Update

    01 January 2013 News 436
    Time for looking back and organise 2013 Hopefully you had a good start into 2013. Time for me to do a short personal look back into 2012 and outlook for 2013. Another year has gone by. When I look back on it, I see some important happenings. The premiere of…
  • Buffalo Soldiers - Making of

    31 December 2012 News 341
    Making of Buffalo Soldiers In March 2013 I will present my four web episodes from the Buffalo Soldiers project. I will explain the story of those cycling soldiers and the state of the art of mountainbiking. Here you can see a summary of the making of photos…
  • Strength in Numbers

    20 August 2012 News 526
    Nepal Segement The full Nepal segment with Andrew Shandro and me of the bike film "Strength in Numbers" of Anthill films is now available. Enjoy! Film 21,650,350
  • Race-News

    12 August 2012 News 495
    Review: Trek Bike Attack, Mégavalanche and Crankworx Last weekend I did the long distance-downhill race Trek Bike Attack in Lenzerheide (Switzerland). I could celebrate a victory – my seventh at this race. I had a good qualification run at Saturday, but the…
  • Update

    25 June 2012 News 577
    Season Review: From Sea Otter Classic to Dakine Trailfox The weather was as changing as the events I joined in the last few months. After a winter with heavy snowfalls in the Alps, I started the 2012 bike season in California. A perfect place to go riding…
  • Teaser - Strength in Numbers

    26 March 2012 News 588
    Filmpremiere In spring 2012 The teaser gives some impressions about our bike trip in Nepal. Local Bikers showing their trails and explaining the nepalese culture to us. Anthill Films presents: Strength in Numbers. An unforgetable adventure in my life! Andrew…
  • Greenhouse - Urban Mountainbike Race

    18 January 2012 News 723
    Indoor Pumptrack & Gold Sprint Race The urban mountainbike race in Bern was a nice possibility to switch from my skis to the bike. 32 riders from Switzerland and Germany were invited to this pumptrack race. We raced with full power on the little, but nice…
  • Mégavalanche La Réunion

    05 December 2011 News 894
    Last race of the season 2011 At the Mégavlanache in Alpe d'Huez I reached the third place. For this reason I won a flight ticket to the Mégavalanche on Reunion Island. Therefore I traveled on 19 November to the French island east of Madagascar. First I rode…
  • Nepal

    05 December 2011 News 643
    Anthill Film Project in Nepal I had a great time during my four-week stay in Nepal. With the Canadian Anthill Films crew. I traveled to different places in Nepal from lowland rice fields and jungle to the glaciers of the high mountains. Different native…
  • Chilcotins Adventure

    08 September 2011 News 552
    With Ross Schnell and Marco Toniolo in the outback of British Columbia My first ride on the brand new Trek Slash! Ross Schnell and me had the possibility to do a trip in the on the Chilcotins. Together with the photographer Marco Toniolo, we rode in British…
  • Dakine Trailfox

    09 July 2011 News 512
    Freeride Rallye Flims Back in Switzerland I could win the Dakine Trailfox and there was also a report on Swiss television. It is very hard to get into this station! Here is the link to the report:…
  • Rock Shox Experience

    31 May 2011 News 504
    Great trails in Bolivia End of May did we start the adventure „Rock Shox Experience" in Bolivia. The crew was the rider Jérôme Clementz (France), the filmer and photographer Marco Toniolo, organizer Alistair Matthews ( and the…
  • Trek C3 Project - Hawaii

    30 April 2011 News 504
    Shooting in Maui - Hawaii At the End of February I flew with my Trek C3 Projects teammates to Maui (Hawaii). The first ride on my new special painted Trek Remedy, in snow leopard design, was along the ocean. I saw whales jumping and also hearing them making…
  • Urge Cabo Verde

    14 April 2011 News 675
    Invitational Race With humanitarian background My bike season 2011 has started with the adventure "Urge Cabo Verde". This invitational race by Fabien Barel has a humanitarian background. We were 15 riders and had to do four different race courses on two…