Urge Cabo Verde

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Invitational Race With humanitarian background

2011-02-27 logo urge


My bike season 2011 has started with the adventure "Urge Cabo Verde". This invitational race by Fabien Barel has a humanitarian background.


We were 15 riders and had to do four different race courses on two different islands. The travelling between the islands was challenging and caused some logistical problems with our big bike bags.


We met a lot of inhabitants and visit also a school. However, the highlight was an invitation by the famous singer Cesaria Evora. She was the good mother of our trip and she was happy to hear that we raised a nice amount of money to support three humani­tarian projects on "Cabo Verde".


On the racing side it was hard to calculate the risk, because we didn't know the trails. But I liked to adapt the speed to the changing conditions and was lucky to finish all races healthy. I won one run and reach three times the third place. In the overall ranking I finished second behind Nicolas Vouilloz and in front of Fabien Barel.


We riders had a great time together and because of a lot of journeys we also had interesting conversations. Photo- and video shoot was also a part of the event so we can create media output during and after the event.


Finally I am very happy to end the trip healthy and in a friendly atmosphere with all the riders and organizers.


A big 'thank you' to everybody!



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  1 place   Nicolas Vouilloz - FRA
  2 place   René Wildhaber - SUI
  3 place   Fabien Barel - FRA
  4 place   Jérôme Clementz - FRA
  5 place   Mark Weir - USA
  6 place   Greg Doucende - FRA
  7 place   Rowan Sorrell - UK
  8 place   Hans Rey - USA
  9 place   Sam Peridy - FRA
10 place   Marco Nicoletti - ITA
11 place   Samuel Normand - FRA


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