Enduro World Series

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Enduro World Series

enduroThe World Enduro Series is running. It's crazy how much it changed the feeling of this type of racing. Before it was also a lot of fun, now it's very serious racing. For myself I try to still have fun on the bike. So far i'm happy with the races.



  4th place  Enduro World Series #2, Val d'Allos, FRA

  8th place  Enduro World Series #3, Les deux Alpes, FRA

  5th place  Enduro World Series #4, Winter Park, USA

13th place Enduro World Series #5, Whistler, CAN

  7th place Enduro World Series #6, Val d'Isere, FRA

  7th place Enduro World Series #7, Finale Ligure, ITA







Online output on pinkibike

EWS #2 Val d'Allos on

EWS #3 Les deux Alpes on

EWS#4 Winter Park on


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