Trans Savoie

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8 Racedays in a row: Trans Savoie und EWS Val D'Isere


My favorite race of the year 2013 is the Trans-Savoie in the French Alps. With 69 other riders we started in Val d'Isère for this epic adventure enduro race. Over six days of racing we climbed 5000 meters up and because we used also gondolas we were able to descent about 20'000 meters. At nights we slept in tents.


The race went well for me until I risked a little too much and crashed hard on my chest. The sound of breaking bones in my body was awful. I broke a rip on the end of the third day and riding became a pain. That was a shame, because the trails were awesome. Also the organization went well and my Trek Slash 650b worked like a Swiss Watch.


After 20 timed runs I won the race which finished in the area of Megève. After a good meal my friend Armin Beeli, which finished in second position, and me drove back to Val d'Isère. To get an impression of Trans-Savoie watch the videos on the vimeo-channel.


Link to video-channel:


After four hours of sleep it was time for the next race, which means day 7 and 8 of racing in a row. The Enduro World Series in Val d'Isère was a cool race, but because of pain in my body and difficult weather conditions it was a tough race for riders and also for the organization. I was riding pretty save, because I didn't want to hurt my rips anymore. As I saw the last stage coming I was happy to spend extra energy and finished third on this run. Overall I got seventh. I am happy to finish on this position, but now I have to recover my body and use my brain at Eurobike.





Ranking at Trans Savoie

1st place   René Wildhaber (CHE)

2nd place  Armin Beeli (CHE)

3rd place   Neil Donoghue (ENG)

4th place   Daniel MacMunn (AUS)

5th place   Daniel Eiermann (DEU) 


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