Update March 2016

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Update March 2016

René Spanien

I did a good MTB training Session in Spain. On the 20th February I got a little out of control when I did a manual on my bike. Somehow I had trouble to get out of my pedal and was late to plant my foot.

The force was quite high on my foot and there was some torsion involved. The pain was immediately there. I pulled some tape around my foot and tried to ride my bike again, but it was too painful.

So I drove back to Switzerland. When I got to the doctor he said that it's only a pulled ligament. After one week I tried to ride again, but it was still too painful. So I had to do a MRI. In this picture the Radiologist saw that the front syndesmosis ligament was totally torn and the back syndesmosis is partly torn. The outer ligament is also broken.

After two more Radio Pictures I got the news that operation is not necessary when I protect the foot and keep the movement under control. If I would break the partly torn back ligament the stability of tibula and fibula is no longer fulfilled and I would have to operate that means to put a screw through those two bones. Rehab would take at least two months to be back on the bike that would mean it takes very long and I have risk of infection.

Without surgery I can do roadbike and rehab style strength training during this time. The doctor advises me to not do MTB race at least for 8 weeks. I try to get a very effective carbon splint built.

I tried everything to get the first seasons races in top shape but it seems that I had bad luck. I have to look forward to the next
races and stay positive.