Buffalo Soldiers - Episode 3

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Buffalo Soldiers - Episode 3: MTB Trailriding in the Wild West

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René Wildhaber makes his own dream come true by riding the 60 kilometer super trail "The Whole Enchilada" in one go. It's a tough test: On top of the trail, there is still snow on the ground, and at the bottom, it's hot just like a desert.


A short time later, „Wildis" second dream comes true as well: The son of a farmer gets to visit the ranch of Dee Taylor whose ancestors settled here around the time of the buffalo soldiers. The cowboys won't have the Swiss guy keep them company just for the heck of it, though: He joins them rounding up the cattle.


Wildhaber states: „Riding or biking – out in the Wild West, both is lots of fun." 





Buffalo Soldiers - Episode 3


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